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ISBN 978-0-939923-51-9; 6" x 9"
by Tom Knight

Australia presents a multifaceted view of an intriguing land that is unique in many respects and that recently has captured the attention and imagination of mainstream America. Dr. Tom McKnight, a leading American authority on Australia, introduces the reader to the natural landscape of Australia, the driest of the inhabited continents. The transfer of British culture is then considered, followed by a review of British attitudes and practices toward the land and its resources. The persisting patterns of colonial settlement are identified, and the main features of modern regions are described.

The book concludes with a forward-looking assessment of the current and near future status of the island continent as a member of the world community of nations. The author explains why Australia has been called "The Lucky Country," and raises questions as to just how long this "good luck" will continue.


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