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PRODUCT: Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of Planet Earth-LDP


Fresh water is one of the essential natural resources on Earth, and groundwater constitutes 98% of the liquid fresh water on the planet. Yet, throughout the world, groundwater resources are being depleted, allocated, squandered, contaminated – but rarely is their fundamental value to humankind thought about or understood! Groundwater for the 21st Century is an effort to increase the groundwater literacy – from local to global scales, among laymen, students, and professionals – of citizens of planet Earth.

Groundwater for the 21st Century provides two very important perspectives on the resource —

(a) a thorough yet accessible introduction to basic groundwater science and

(b) a current, concise but comprehensive overview of groundwater resources and their importance, uses, status, management, and prospects in today’s world. The book is well organized, substantive, clearly written in accessible language, and richly endowed with numerous illustrations and tables.

An overview of the book is provided at -- and we especially invite readers to review the Author’s (a) Detailed Table of Contents and (b) Expanded Description, both of which are available at the link provided.


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