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PRODUCT: Pitcher Plants of the Americas (pre-owned)


ISBN 978-0-939923-74-8

by Stewart McPherson

Pitcher plants are the largest and most beautiful of the world's carnivorous plants and are viewed with fascination as objects of natural history and natural beauty by people of all ages, nationalities, and vocational callings. Pitcher Plants of the Americas is intended for a broad audience, and accordingly has been written in substantive yet accessible language, that is enhanced through the use of spectacular, high-quality color images and diagrams. The result is a visually beautiful yet informative study that provides the first complete, detailed overview of the systematics, biology, ecology, biogeography, conservation, and horticulture of the five genera of American pitcher plants (s.l.), including three genera of true pitcher plants (Darlingtonia, Heliamphor, and Sarracenia) and two genera of carnivorous tank bromeliads (Brocchinia and Catopsis).

The strengths of this book include (1) its uniquely detailed systematic coverage of the five genera and their member species, hybrids, and cultivars; (2) the first and only comprehensive, systematic coverage of the genus Heliamphora; (3) the full-color format and 200+ spectacular photographs used to document each taxon and cultivar covered; (4) the very first published images of several species and varieties in their natural habitat; and (5) descriptions and photographs of thirty currently unnamed and largely undocumented phenotypic variants of Sarracenia.

Pitcher Plants of the Americas is up-to-date, comprehensive, focused, well illustrated, and visually beautiful. It is technically written yet is accessible to specialist and non-specialist audiences and will be a valued source of information, reference book, and spectacular overview of the group that will appeal to botanists, naturalists, ecologists, biogeographers, resource managers, conservationists, horticulturists, and gardeners-among others!


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