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Maryland's Catoctin Mountain Parks - An Interpretive Guide to Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park
ISBN 978-0-939923-38-0; 6" x 9" by John Means Save 30% on this title 3/15/12 thru 6/21/12. This discount includes any other titles in our catalog if ordered at the same time. Use Coupon Code 1197Me when ordering. Maryland\'s Catoctin Mountain Parks--An Interpretive Guide to Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park provides the most current and comprehensive review available of the natural and human history of the Catoctin Mountain region of Maryland, a part of the beautiful and interesting Blue Ridge physiographic province. The book is divided into three sections. In section one, the author systematically reviews the landforms, waters, weather, plants, animals, and other environmental features of the region, and then reviews how humans have used and m...
Date Added: Friday 01 July, 2011
Publisher: McDonald & Woodward Publishing

Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates
ISBN 978-0-8117-3624-4; 5.5" x 8.25" by Charley Eiseman and Noah Charney, with John Carlson This ground-breaking reference offers details for identfying beetles, spiders, flies, ants, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, earwigs, mayflies, crickets, grasshoppers, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, earthworms, slugs, lacewings, wasps, bees, damselflies, alderflies, crabs, and many other invertebrates from the sign they leave behind. The book includes almost 1,000 color photographs and some 2,000 species....
Date Added: Monday 04 April, 2011
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Lost Stories - Yesterday and Today at Put-in-Bay: Including Theresa Thorndale's "Island Jottings" of the 1890s (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-9668034-5-7; 7.25" x 8.75" by Ronald L. Stuckey Reading stories from century-old newspapers can be fun, interesting, and informative. It is anticipated that these "lost" stories will bring back memories from past eras and provide a contemporary and factual account of what happened at various points in time at selected sites on South Bass Island, Lake Erie, Ohio. Lost Stories--Yesterday and Today at Put-In-Bay: Including Theresa Thorndale's 'Island Jottings' of the 1890s is a collection of previously printed accounts revealing past happenings, for the most part, on those properties now owned by the State of Ohio at the village of Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. These articles, printed in the book from their original source, appeared as early as...
Date Added: Wednesday 02 March, 2011
Publisher: Ronald L Stuckey

Bug Water--A fly fisher's look through the seasons at bugs in their aquatic habitat and the fish that eat them
ISBN 978-0-8117-0505-9; 8.75" x 11.25" by Arlen Thomason This book is about bug water, the bugs living or fall into such places, and the fish that eat them. Organized around the seasons, the book follows the bugs and the trout through their life cycles from spring through winter.  ...
Date Added: Thursday 17 February, 2011
Publisher: Stackpole Books

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