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Emanuel D. Rudolph's Studies in the History of North American Botany - With an Appenedix on the Relationship Between Science and Religion
ISBN 978-1-889878-05-8; 7" x 10" by Ronald Stuckey This book, published as a memorial to Emanuel D. Rudolph, consists of 30 of his mostly unpublished papers on the history of North American Botany. This effort by editors Stuckey and Burk is an attempt to fulfill Rudolph’s anticipated work on the popularization of botany. Because of the diversity of topics presented here, this book may serve as a broad introduction or reference to North American botanical history. The book is supplemented with substantive introductions, 200 + photographic illustrations, tables, and numerous cited references. This diverse collection of papers and their introductions may represent the most comprehensive publication in the history of North American botany appearing during the 20th cen...
Date Added: Thursday 15 July, 2010
Publisher: Ronald L Stuckey

A Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Virginia
ISBN 978-0-939923-31-3; 6" x 9" by Karen Terwilliger and John Tate A Guide to Endangered and Threatened Species in Virginia identifies and describes the most vulnerable plants and animals found in the Commonwealth. Most of this book consists of one-page summaries of the biology and ecology of the endangered and threatened species, including physical descriptions and reviews of each species' distribution, habitat, life history, and vulnerability. A color photograph is provided for almost every species covered in the book, along with color maps.. An introduction summarizes Virginia's natural habitats, conservation laws, and the responsibilities of various state agencies involved in the conservation of biotic diversity, while several appendices provide quick reference to d...
Date Added: Friday 30 April, 2010
Publisher: McDonald & Woodward Publishing

Alphabetical Breeds in Color
ISBN 978-0-9728954-4-6; 7" x 7" by Lawrence Hohman Larry Hohman has combined his career as a commercial artist and his deep love of nature to create his fifth lovely children's ABC book. This book contains, in alphabetical order and corresponding to the appropriate letter, colorful and beautifully detailed drawings of domestic breeds of dogs. The illustrations alone place these books above most others, so much so that you might be tempted to frame each page! The rhyming verses for each dog breed contain information about their behavior and place of origin. As in previous editions of Hohman's books, a listing on the inside back cover identifies each dog breed with the alphabetical letter it represents. Not just for toddlers!  ...
Date Added: Tuesday 06 April, 2010
Publisher: Lawrence Hohman

Switzerland (softcover, pre-owned)
ISBN 978-0-939923-46-5; 6" x 9" by Charles A. Heatwole Switzerland presents a very lucid view of a beautiful, appealing, complex, important and powerful country that has not only endured, but prospered, against the odds. Dr. Charles Heatwole introduces the reader first to the natural landscape of Switzerland, but always relates important categories of landforms, weather, water and vegetation to the human presence. Next, he identifies the major cultural traditions of Switzerland and reviews modern Swiss society and economy. The author concludes with a forward-looking assessment of the current and near future status of Switzerland as a member of the world community of nations.   PLEASE NOTE: Pre-owned books are not in new condition. Modest damage might include:...
Date Added: Wednesday 31 March, 2010
Publisher: McDonald & Woodward Publishing
  $13.95 $7.00

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