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PRODUCT: Spark the Creative Flame: Making the Journey from Craft to Art (Hardcover)

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Spark the Creative Flame is a source of information and inspiration for the thousands of people who are discovering the creative possibilities of crafting glass through flameworking and evolving their craft into art. This book is an educational resource for individuals engaged in self-directed learning as well as a text for college-level art and craft programs. While Spark the Creative Flame focuses on flameworked glass, the themes transcend material and speak to broader issues and challenges relevant to all artists/craftspeople.

The book represents an original and in-depth look at a community of twelve artists embracing flameworking as a vehicle for their artistic expression. It  tells the story of how each artist evolved from, in many cases, a childhood interest in making things, to art education and/or apprenticeships, to searching for--and finding--his or her own personal voice in glass. Challenges the profiled artists overcame and perseverance they demonstrated throughout their journeys is emphasized in the book.

Featured artists inlude:

Lucio Bubacco, Vittorio Costantini, Amber Cowan, Matt Eskuche, Shane Fero, Carmen Lozar, Iwao Matsushima, Jay Musler, Ginny Ruffner, Kari Russell-Pool, Césare Toffolo, and Anna Skibska.

The combination of craft history, personal philosoply from a respected maker, and in-depth appreciations of twelve significant makers gives this book its uniqueness. The book celebrates work and artists that pursue and have maintained integrity, originality, and mastery of process. The fusion of in-depth, well-researched artist biographies, with color images of their signature work, accessibility, and explanations of complex issues in an approachable, meaningful way, makes this book a "must read" for the intended audience.


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