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PRODUCT: Sweetwater Sea Saga (pre-owned)


ISBN 978-0-939923-18-2; 6" x 9"
by Virginia M. Soetebier

A personal account of forty years of sailing upon Lake Superior, this small volume develops in the reader a rich appreciation of the surrounding land, history and people of the "unsalted sea." The author focuses on several favorite anchorages and at each reawakens the spirits of people who preceded her on the shores or islands, seeking shelter, sustenance, or wealth. Prehistoric peoples pit Isle Royale as they mine native copper; Ojibway campfires flicker in the woods; French voyageurs steal past on their way to fur trading posts. But there are also luxury yachts riding anchor in safe harbors, ore boats looming out of the fog, fierce storms and tragic shipwrecks. All contribute to the lore of the great lake and make this book good reading for sailor and landlubber alike.


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